Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine mandate for US gov’t workers

Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine mandate for US gov’t workers

President Joe Biden’s order that federal employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 was blocked Thursday by a federal appeals court in New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — President Joe Biden’s order that federal employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 has been blocked by a federal appeals court.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, in a decision Thursday, rejected arguments that Biden, as the nation’s chief executive, has the same authority as the CEO of a private corporation to require that employees be vaccinated.

The ruling from the full appeals court, 16 full-time judges at the time the case was argued, reversed an earlier ruling by a three-judge 5th Circuit panel that had upheld the vaccination requirement. Judge Andrew Oldham, nominated to the court by then-President Donald Trump, wrote the opinion for a 10-member majority.

The ruling maintains the status quo for federal employee vaccines. It upholds a preliminary injunction blocking the mandate issued by a federal judge in January 2022. At that point, the administration said nearly 98% of covered employees had been vaccinated.

And, Oldham noted, with the preliminary injunction arguments done, the case will return to that court for further arguments, when “both sides will have to grapple with the White House’s announcement that the COVID emergency will finally end on May 11, 2023.”

The White House defended the order, citing the high compliance rate among the federal workforce and saying in a statement Friday that “vaccination remains one of the most important tools to protect people from serious illness and hospitalizations” against COVID.

Opponents of the policy said it was an encroachment on federal workers’ lives that neither the Constitution nor federal statutes authorize.

Biden issued an executive order in September 2021 requiring vaccinations for all executive branch agency employees, with exceptions for medical and religious reasons. The requirement kicked in the following November. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown, who was appointed to the District Court for the Southern District of Texas by Trump, issued a nationwide injunction against the requirement the following January.

The case then went to the 5th Circuit.

One panel of three 5th Circuit judges refused to immediately block the law.

But a different panel, after hearing arguments, upheld Biden’s position. Judges Carl Stewart and James Dennis, both nominated to the court by President Bill Clinton, were in the majority. Judge Rhesa Barksdale, nominated by President George H.W. Bush, dissented, saying the relief the challengers sought does not fall under the Civil Service Reform Act cited by the administration.

The broader court majority agreed, saying federal law does not preclude court jurisdiction over cases involving “private, irreversible medical decisions made in consultation with private medical professionals outside the federal workplace.”

A majority of the full court voted to vacate that ruling and reconsider the case. The 16 active judges heard the case on Sept. 13, joined by Barksdale, who is now a senior judge with lighter duties than the full-time members of the court.

Judge Stephen Higginson, a nominee of President Barack Obama, wrote the main dissenting opinion. “For the wrong reasons, our court correctly concludes that we do have jurisdiction,” Higginson wrote. “But contrary to a dozen federal courts — and having left a government motion to stay the district court’s injunction pending for more than a year — our court still refuses to say why the President does not have the power to regulate workplace safety for his employees.”


The date of President Joe Biden’s executive order has been corrected to September 2021, not last September.

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3 Easy Dog Enrichment Ideas

3 Easy Dog Enrichment Ideas

Enrichment means meeting an animal’s needs. It’s less about keeping a dog busy or tiring him out and more about encouraging, enabling and empowering him to engage in species-specific behaviors. It keeps dogs emotionally, mentally and physically healthy and helps alleviate and prevent behavior issues.

Truly enriching activities effect positive, observable and measurable behavior change. Let’s say your dog goes bonkers over deliveries. But on days he’s had a sniffari beforehand he only barks for one minute instead of three. Or on mornings you scatter feed his breakfast he’s much calmer and lays down instead of pacing when you leave for work. Let’s paw through three easy dog enrichment ideas that will make a positive impact on your pup.

Dog enrichment idea 1: Scatter feeding

Mealtimes are a must, so why not make them enriching? Scatter feeding is a super easy way to tap into your dog’s innate desire to forage. It works best with kibble, but you can substitute other low-calorie dry foods such as Cheerios to mix it up.

  • Measure out your dog’s meal and take him outside.
  • Start small. Sprinkle the food in a 2-foot area, encouraging your dog to forage in the landscape for it.
  • Increase the sprinkle space gradually to cover as large an area as you can.
dog scattering
For an easy DIY dog enrichment toy, tear up some newspapers intro strips and crinkle them up. Scatter dog training treats or some of your dog’s kibble throughout the newspaper pieces on the floor. Your dog will begin to forage for his food, using his brain and his nose. ©Rachel Brix

If you free feed, scatter feeding probably won’t work. Just one more reason not to free feed your dog!

You can also do this indoors using snuffle mats, blankets, even newspaper if your dog doesn’t eat nonedible items.

And not to worry, scatter feeding doesn’t mean your dog will eat everything he finds outside.

Dog enrichment idea 2: Sniffaris

Dogs’ noses are their superpower. A short sniff walk, or sniffari, can do wonders for your dog’s mental state. Sniffing releases dopamine, the “feel good” chemical in the brain and encourages calmness. Meander wherever your dog’s nose leads you even if it means investigating the same spot for several minutes. Use a long lead so your dog can feel free to explore. And change it up: Walk your dog in different places, take different route, and encourage off-the-beaten-path experiences where new smells abound.

Dog enrichment idea 3: Digging

Yes, you should encourage your dog to dig! Digging is a species-specific behavior we unfortunately tend to punish rather than encourage. And by providing appropriate places for him to dig he’s way less likely to disrupt your garden!

dog digging
Encourage your dog to dig by creating a sandbox or using a plastic baby pool, filling it with sand and hiding toys throughout it. This dog enrichment idea helps keep your dog from digging up the yard. ©Rachel Brix
  • Build or buy a sandbox and set it up in a spot that gets some shade. Kiddie pools make great sandboxes, too.
  • Most dogs don’t need much encouragement to start pawing at the soft sand, but you can always bury treats or a fave toy to get things moving.
  • Mark/click when your dog digs.
  • If he tries to dig elsewhere in the yard use a positive interrupt (such as “oopsie!” or “sorry” or “too bad”) and gently lure him over to his sandbox with a treat.
  • You may need to repeat this several times, especially if your dog was already tearing up the turf.

Enrichment must also be sustainable for the human for the long haul. Figuring out what’s beneficial for your dog may take some time, but once you’ve got a repertoire of activities that benefit your individual dog you can easily provide at least a couple quick opportunities every day that support both your schedule and your dog’s needs.

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Prince William thanks Poland for generosity to Ukrainians

Prince William thanks Poland for generosity to Ukrainians

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Britain’s Prince William paid tribute on Thursday to Poles who lost their lives in past wars,…

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Britain’s Prince William paid tribute on Thursday to Poles who lost their lives in past wars, and expressed gratitude to the nation for what it is doing today to provide humanitarian and military support to Ukraine.

The heir to the throne’s visit to Poland underscores Britain’s support for both Ukraine and Poland, an ally on the front line of efforts to help refugees displaced by Russia’s war and to assist the Ukrainian military in fighting off the invasion.

William laid a wreath in Poland’s national colors, white and red, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and bowed his head solemnly. The memorial honors Poles who lost their lives in wars including World War II, when Polish and British soldiers were allies.

A note on the wreath that he left read: “In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

He later headed to the presidential palace for a meeting with President Andrzej Duda, who has been a prominent ally of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine more than a year ago. Duda’s office said their talks focused on humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

“The Prince of Wales thanked the Poles for their generosity and hospitality,” Duda’s office said.

In the final stop on his two-day visit, the prince then went to a trendy food hall where he met with young Ukrainians working or continuing their studies in Poland.

William began his surprise visit Wednesday by meeting with British and Polish troops in Rzeszow, a city of 200,000 people in southeastern Poland that has become a hub for shipments of military and humanitarian aid bound for Ukraine.

“I just wanted to come here in person to say thank you for all that you’re doing, keeping everyone safe out here and keeping an eye on what’s going on,″ William said as he spoke to the troops.

He later traveled to a center in Warsaw that houses about 300 recent arrivals from Ukraine, meeting Ukrainians and playing table tennis with children.

The U.K. has been one of the most outspoken supporters of bolstering NATO’s eastern flank in the face of Russia’s aggression. The country sent troops to Poland and the Baltic states and provided more than 2.3 billion pounds ($2.8 billion) of military aid to Ukraine. It also has pledged 220 million pounds ($269 million) of humanitarian assistance.

Deploying the popular 40-year-old prince, a military veteran who also worked as a civilian air-sea rescue pilot, offers a more personal touch. While British political leaders have visited Poland regularly to trumpet their support for NATO and the Ukrainian cause, a senior royal like William is a symbol of the nation who can thank military personnel for their service without the baggage of party politics.


Kirka contributed from London.

© 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

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NTSB: Crews failed to de-ice road before massive Texas crash

NTSB: Crews failed to de-ice road before massive Texas crash

DALLAS (AP) — The company responsible for maintaining a Texas interstate where 130 vehicles crashed in icy conditions two years…

DALLAS (AP) — The company responsible for maintaining a Texas interstate where 130 vehicles crashed in icy conditions two years ago, killing six and injuring dozens, failed to address the deteriorating road conditions, federal officials said Thursday.

That portion of Interstate 35 West in Fort Worth was not treated with salt the morning of the Feb. 11, 2021, crash, the National Transportation Safety Board said. The NTSB said that the failure of North Tarrant Express Mobility Partners Segment 3 to address the conditions contributed to the crash, as did drivers’ speeds.

The NTSB said that because of the forecasted freezing rain and sleet, North Tarrant Express Mobility Partners Segment 3 had pretreated the southbound lanes of I-35W two days earlier with a liquid brine solution. But, the NTSB said, crews checking the road about 45 minutes before the crash didn’t recognize that the elevated portion of the interstate where the crash occurred needed additional de-icing treatment.

A spokesman for North Tarrant Express Mobility Partners Segment 3 did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday. The Texas Department of Transportation also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The pileup that involved vehicles, trucks and semitrailers began just after 6 a.m. in the southbound toll lanes, which had a speed limit of 75 mph (120 kilometers per hour). Concrete barriers separated the southbound toll lanes from the northbound toll lanes and from the southbound general-use lanes.

The NTSB said that the crash began when a vehicle struck the concrete barrier on the right side of the toll lanes. Other vehicles then began sliding, spinning and striking the barriers. Then a large truck crashed into some of those vehicles, and other vehicles that were unable to stop also became part of the massive crash that blocked all of the southbound toll lanes.

NTSB said that two of those killed were struck after getting out of their vehicles.

Before the crash, the area experienced 36 consecutive hours of below-freezing temperatures. On the morning of the crash, crews had spot-treated sections of the interstate with salt but not the portion where the wreck happened, the NTSB said. The agency said that the crews visually checking the road 45 minutes before the wreck didn’t detect any moisture and applied no salt.

But, the NTSB said, in the hours before the crash, rain fell and a light mist and fog were reported, and signs managed by North Tarrant Express Mobility Partners Segment along the southbound toll lanes displayed this message: “ICY CONDITIONS EXIST/PLEASE USE CAUTION.”

Local officials said at the time that the road was so treacherous from ice that several first responders who responded to the crash ended up falling as they tried to help.

The recommendations from the NTSB include the installation of variable speed limit signs, adding sensors to reduce response times to hazardous road conditions and providing training on how to better respond to winter weather conditions.

Three days after the crash, Texas’ power grid buckled when another winter storm dropped temperatures below freezing for days. Millions were left without electricity for days, leading to hundreds of deaths.

© 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

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After Sulking For “A Million Dog Moments,” She’s Told Daddy’s Coming Home

After Sulking For “A Million Dog Moments,” She’s Told Daddy’s Coming Home

When one loyal dog had to say goodbye to her dad, her heart broke into a thousand pieces. Her dad left for 32 days to serve his country. It may have only been 32 days, but to her, as the video puts it, it was “a million dog moments.”


The pup waited every day, sulking for her dad to return, and when that day finally came, her reaction was incredible! Mom opened the door as soon as Dad pulled into the driveway. The precious pup sprinted toward him as soon as he exited his truck.


Her antics, nearly knocking the guy over with love, are too precious to miss! The dog goes bananas! Jumping on top of him and wiggling around. Amazingly, her dad had the same reaction she did. His hugs and pets prove they have a deep and pure connection. It’s a beautiful sight to see! Thank you, sir, for serving our country.

To watch the soldier reunite with his favorite pup, click play on the video below!

Please ‘SHARE’ to pass on this story to a friend or family member

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The 8 Best Dog Foods For Jack Russells – 2023

The 8 Best Dog Foods For Jack Russells – 2023

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

Searching for the best dog food to feed your Jack Russell Terrier can feel like a daunting task due to the flood of different foods on the market, but every dog parent wants what’s best for their dog. So we’ve made a list of the foods our doggies love to devour, and the pups have insisted we share it will all the dog parents out there! So, to make life a little easier, here are our favorite dog foods for Jack Russells, broken down by fresh food, kibble and raw.

Finding the Best Dog Food for Jack Russell Terriers

Before you get to scrolling, though, here are some tips from Dr. Lorie Huston, DVM, for choosing the best dog food for your pup:

  • Look for foods that follow the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods.
  • Read the entire ingredients list, checking for any of your dog’s allergens or diet restrictions.
  • Ensure the food has undergone feeding trials.
  • Study the guaranteed analysis to ensure the content is suitable for your pup’s needs.
  • If you’re not sure what food is ideal for your dog, seek your vet’s opinion.

best dog foods for jack russells

Now, let’s look at the six best dog foods that will help keep your dog happy, healthy, and full!

Best Dry Dog Foods for Jack Russell Terriers


  • First 5 ingredients are high-quality animal proteins
  • Ocean, Land, & Sky Recipes available in whole grain & grain-free options
  • Made In the USA with globally sourced ingredients
  • 24% – 29% crude protein, depending on the recipe
  • Every scoop supports healthy organs & a beautiful, shiny coat

Redbarn knows your dog loves meat, and they love your dog, so they make sure every recipe includes high-quality animal proteins in the first five ingredients. And because they hand-select only the healthiest ingredients, you can bet their foods are free from artificial chemicals and preservatives. Every scoop supports healthy digestion and skin while giving your dog a beautiful, shiny coat. Redbarn foods also help your pup maintain heart health. Plus, your Jack Russell will think every mealtime is a treat thanks to tasty recipes made with poultry, beef, and seafood.

For over 25 years, Redbarn has been a family-owned business that makes their food right here in the USA. And buying food from Redbarn means supporting worthy causes as this company with heart donates food, treats, and chews to shelters, rescue groups, and pet-related organizations to help support animals in need.

Deals and Offers: Sign up with your email and get 10% off your order

AAFCO Statement: Redbarn embraces AAFCO guidelines because it’s what’s right for our dog and cat pet parents.

Located: Long Beach, CA

Muenster Milling Co.

  • Recipes crafted with pasture-raised beef, cage-free chicken, wild-harvested elk & venison
  • Minimally processed and shelf-stable
  • Always free of artificial preservatives, binders, & fillers
  • Offers customizable dog food options
  • Sourced and cooked in Muenster, Texas

By removing water from raw meat at -60º F, Muenster Milling Co, offers a dog food option that’s minimally processed, shelf-stable, highly nutritious, and always free of artificial preservatives, binders & fillers. Their freeze-drying process ensures the protein, fat, and nutrients stay in, creating a tasty food full of bioavailable nutrients and vitamins derived from organ meats & organic amino acids. And this family-owned company uses meats that are farm-raised, cage-free, or wild-harvested to deliver a meal that helps reduce inflammation, skin issues, and stomach sensitivities. This nutrient-dense food option offers the choice of kibbles, meatballs, toppers, or bites. Let your dog eat like their ancestors!

Plus, Muenster also gives you the option of customized food blends for your best friend. You can use their custom dog food wizard or build your own by selecting a formula, size, and options such as animal or plant-based fats, probiotics, freeze-dried raw meats, and protein boosters. Then, name your mix and set your frequency for the perfect diet to meet your dog’s needs.


Deals and Offers: 

New Customers enjoy 25% off the first $100. Use code WELCOME25.

50% off your total basket when you customize any bag of dog food. Use code NC2021C50.

AAFCO Statement: Muenster Pet Foods are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, including large breed puppies.

Located: Muenster, TX

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Spot & Tango

  • Made with the highest quality, human-grade ingredients
  • Two types of fresh food: traditional fresh frozen & shelf-stable UnKibble
  • Formulated by veterinary nutritionists and AAFCO certified
  • Take a 5-minute quiz to receive a custom meal plan
  • Delivered fresh, directly to your door with free shipping

Spot & Tango offers an affordable fresh food option that resembles kibble, but only uses fresh, whole ingredients. UnKibble offers recipes made with fish, beef, and chicken that use 100% fresh, whole human-grade ingredients and are formulated by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. Unlike kibble, UnKibble contains no meat meals or powdered “mystery meats” and is gently dried at low temps. And with Spot & Tango, you’ll never find artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives in any of their recipes.

Plus, when you get started with Spot & Tango, you’ll fill out a questionnaire about your dog, and the brand will create a personalized meal plan based on your pup’s nutritional needs. Once you set up a meal plan for your dog, this unique dry fresh food will be shipped directly to your door. Just open the box and serve to make mealtime your dog’s favorite time of the day!

Deals and Offers: 50% off your first order

AAFCO Statement: Spot & Tango is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

Located: Allentown, PA

Raw Paws Grain-Free Kibble for Dogs

  • High-protein, nutrient-rich formulas
  • Free from grain, soy, corn, & artificial preservatives, colors & flavors
  • Complete & balanced to AAFCO standards
  • Enhanced with antioxidants, amino acid profiles, and omega fatty acids  
  • Probiotics and prebiotic fiber for digestive health 
  • Made in the USA

Raw Paws Grain Free Kibble for Dogs offers the convenience of kibble while bringing your dog premium nutrition and amazing flavor. And when you feed your pup this high-protein, nutrient-rich formula, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your dog is receiving a diet packed with quality meats like chicken and beef and whole foods such as sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, peas, and potatoes. Plus, with added probiotics and natural prebiotic fiber processed under strict human-grade standards, you can give your pup the gift of optimal digestive health. It’s also supplemented with antioxidants, amino acid profiles, and omega fatty acids that promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Feeding your pup this nutrient-rich dry food will add to their energy, organ function, overall health, and vitality. Order online and get free shipping on orders over fifty dollars.

Deals and Offers: Save 15% on your first auto-ship order. Use coupon code AUTO for the 1st order. Save 10% on all future auto-ship orders!

AAFCO Statement: Raw Paws strives for AAFCO excellence with their blends of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ.

Located: Indianapolis, IN

Best Fresh Food for Jack Russell Terriers

Raised Right

  • Whole food recipes formulated by veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker
  • Variety of limited ingredient recipes that are high in protein & low in carbs
  • Made in a USDA-inspected facility with human-grade ingredients
  • Every single batch they cook is lab safety tested for pathogens
  • Offers sample boxes in addition to custom meal plans

Raised Right is a family-owned human-grade dog food company that works with veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker and pet food formulation expert Steve Brown to formulate limited-ingredient recipes that are high in protein and low in carbs. Most of their recipes have less than 2% carbs because they don’t use any high-carb fillers like potato, rice, oats, yam, pasta, barley, parsnips, corn, or wheat. Additionally, they were able to formulate their adult dog recipes to meet AAFCO’s requirements for a complete & balanced diet by using ONLY whole foods without having to add any synthetic vitamins or minerals. All of their adult dog recipes have 10 ingredients or less, with some having as few as just 7 or 8 ingredients!

Raised Right can proudly make the human-grade dog food claim as every ingredient in their food has passed the same standards necessary for human consumption, and all their food is lightly cooked in a USDA-inspected human-grade facility. Every single batch they cook gets lab safety tested for pathogens like E.coli, listeria, and salmonella to help ensure their food is safe for dogs to eat. They have a hold-release program where they don’t ever ship their food unless it passes the lab safety test. For transparency, they post the test results from each batch on their website for everyone to see, along with a map tracing each ingredient to its source. With Raised Right, you can enjoy peace of mind with every bite.

Deals and Offers: Sign up for Raised Right’s email list to receive 20% off your first Full Box (16 Bags)

AAFCO Statement: Raised Right has formulated limited-ingredient whole food recipes that are complete & balanced specifically to each dog’s stage-of-life per AAFCO standards, as they offer both adult dog recipes & puppy growth recipes.

Located: Rye, NY

For more great options for puppies, see our list of the 10 Best Puppy Dog Foods.


  • Human-grade, vet-designed recipes made with real ingredients 
  • Cooked gently in small batches in USDA-approved kitchens
  • Nutritionally balanced meals offered in a wide variety of recipes
  • Every meal is hot-filled to ensure safety & flash-frozen for optimal freshness 
  • Join their subscription service & always have dinner fresh & ready for your pup 

PetPlate is taking back the term “dog food” with human-grade, vet-designed entrees designed to deliver essential nutritional solutions with unmatched quality. Their perfectly balanced meals are rooted in science and optimized at every level to give dogs the flavors they crave and the nutrients they need. With a wide variety of recipes, even the pickiest pup will be happy to find PetPlate in their bowl. And because PetPlate believes in real, top-quality dining experiences, they gently cook their recipes in small batches in USDA-approved kitchens.

Make doggy dinnertime a snap by setting up a subscription with PetPlate. You’ll tell them about your dog, and they’ll create a meal plan that makes sense for both of you. Then, they’ll ship the right amount of food to your doorstep, so you never have to worry about running out. Each meal is perfectly portioned to give your pup the right amount of nutrients they need to be happy, nourished, and full.

Deals and Offers: Save 60% off your first PetPlate box with code HEARTDOGS60 (Valid until January 31, 2023)

AAFCO Statement: All six of PetPlate’s entrees meet the standards and guidelines established by the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee and the AAFCO.

Located: New York, NY 


  • Minimally processed ingredients with no added hormones or antibiotics
  • Slow-cooked at low temperatures in small batches
  • All recipes are free from corn, wheat, and soy
  • Made in US facilities from carefully sourced, human-grade ingredients
  • Vet-formulated balanced recipes for all life stages

Ollie can always be trusted to deliver high-quality nutritious meals containing only carefully sourced ingredients from trusted farms. And because these dog food experts slow-cook foods at low temperatures in small batches, their recipes maintain maximum nutrition from human-grade, high-quality chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb, as well as superfoods such as fish oil and chia seeds. Fresh fruits and veggies also provide a wealth of health benefits and yummy taste too!

With Ollie, you’ll get clean and balanced nutrition that never contains any by-products, fillers, artificial flavoring, or preservatives. And when you buy a meal plan, you can set a regular schedule that sees vacuum-sealed food packages delivered right to your door, so your pup always has a fresh meal at the ready. Ollie recipes are veterinarian formulated and made in the USA.

Deals and Offers: Get 70% OFF your starter box! Try now!

AAFCO Statment:  A board-certified veterinary nutritionist helped Ollie formulate their balanced and complete, human-grade recipes, abiding by the AAFCO standards.

Located: New York, NY, and Reno, NV

Take a look at a complete list of the Best Fresh Dog Foods!

Best Raw Food for Jack Russell Terriers

Raw Paws Pet Food

  • Recipes contain only meat, bone, & organ sourced from small family farms 
  • Small batches cooked weekly for the freshest dog food experience possible 
  • Eco-friendly foam cooler with dry ice keeps food frozen for shipping & delivery
  • Create free meal plans with raw feeding experts  
  • Woman-Owned Business based in the U.S.A.

In an effort to keep dogs close to their ancestral diets, Raw Paws recipes contain just meat, bone, and organs sourced from healthy, happy animals who live on small, family farms. And Raw Paws prepares small batches every week, which means your dog is getting the freshest of the fresh! Plus, you can create a free meal plan for your dog with the help of raw feeding experts.

You can give your pup a rich and real diet from bones and chicken feet to prepared raw meals with Raw Paws’ full selection of food options, treats, chews, and supplements.

dog food reviews

Deals and Offers: Save 15% on your first auto-ship order. Use coupon code AUTO for the 1st order. Save 10% on all future auto-ship orders!

AAFCO Statement: Raw Paws strives for AAFCO excellence with their blends of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ.

Located: Indianapolis, IN

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grain-Free Dog Food for Jack Russell Terriers Healthy?

Grain-free dog food isn’t automatically healthier than food with grains. Unless your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to grains, they don’t need grain-free dog food.

When Was Dog Food Invented?

The first commercial dog food was created around 1860 in England. Before that, people regularly fed their dogs table scraps, especially leftover bread.

When Does Dog Food Expire?

Unopened dry dog food lasts about 18 months after it’s made. Once the food bag is opened, it should be used within 6 weeks. Wet, fresh, and raw dog food have shorter shelf lives and will need to be ordered more often.

What Dog Food Should Puppies Eat?

Most puppies should eat a formula that’s specifically designed for puppies because it contains ingredients that are necessary for their growth and development. Once dogs reach 9 to 12 months old, they can start eating adult food instead.

Should You Put Dog Food for Jack Russells in a Plastic Container?

Dog food can be moved into an airtight container, but it stays freshest when it’s kept in its original bag. The dog food bag is designed to keep kibble fresh, so if you want to put the food in a plastic container, put the bag with the food inside into the container.

Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

Dog food isn’t dangerous to cats, but you shouldn’t serve it instead of cat food. Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs, so their food formulas are different. Dog food doesn’t usually have enough protein, fat, and minerals for cats.


All of these dog foods for Jack Russells are high-quality options for optimal nutrition, but what it boils down to is what your dog needs in their diet as well as what they enjoy eating. After all, dining should be about more than bland bits; it should be a tasty experience that brings pleasure and health benefits!

With this list of the best dog foods and your pup’s needs in mind, it’s time to get shopping!

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